The Benfield Group

Health Care Practice

The Benfield Group provides health care companies with the information, insights and support needed to develop and implement effective employer strategies.


Custom Research Projects: Whether you want to determine if your product or service has an employer-relevant value proposition, or you need information to guide your employer customer strategy, The Benfield Group’s experience, extensive employer database and proprietary customer segmentation can provide the intelligence you need. We customize research projects, using the right mix of research approaches, including:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Advisory boards (live and Web-based)
  • Secondary research
  • Mining of our proprietary customer database

Employer Market Intelligence: Pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers rely on Benfield Research’s Employer Market Intelligence link to EMI Web Site research service to track trends in how employers influence product utilization, and to identify how to work collaboratively with employers and employer coalitions to improve health and health care value through the effective recognition and management of diseases and conditions.


The Benfield Group works with health care customers to develop strategies and tactical plans focused on achieving a range of critical employer-focused objectives, including:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Company or product/service positioning
  • Account management deployment
  • Outcomes research guidance
  • Program mix
  • Regional/multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Customer/market impact

Tactical Support

The Benfield Group’s support does not end with a PowerPoint. We have the experience and horsepower to support health care customers’ implementation of tactical plans through a range of support services including:

  • Strategic communications (Case Studies, Monographs, Value Proposition Documents)
  • Training (live and webinar-based “beginner-to-advanced” courses, custom programs and web-based e-learning.
  • Outcomes research support
  • Speaker programs (Live and Webinar)
  • Internal communications
  • Market-level initiatives